Internet Sales Tax is Modern Day Chicken Little



download chicken little Internet Sales Tax is Modern Day Chicken Little

Internet sales tax and Chicken Little, a fable several hundred years old with almost as many variations appears in a modern day version. Internet sales tax is the featured potential disaster.

Chicken Little Update

Storm clouds began gathering in this version of the story about 10 years ago. A semi-secret effort started to overturn the 1992 the Supreme Court decision that prevented sales tax being levied across state lines. Like a snowball building in size it is now on the age of causing an avalanche in the Internet nation.

images funny sheep Internet Sales Tax is Modern Day Chicken Little

A few Chicken Little’s have been madly running around attempting to imitate Paul Revere yelling,” Internet sales taxes are coming!”  Online merchants loudly celebrating their success were unable to hear the alarm. A few smoke clouds of trouble appeared starting in California. As usual other states blindly followed. They vacuumed up every little legal penny inside their state borders. Not happy with collecting just inside their domains they joined this snowball looking for more revenue.

images fox mean Internet Sales Tax is Modern Day Chicken Little

Just as the story of old suddenly the sly Fox becomes part of the story. This century’s sly Fox is big-box store chains such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target. Amazon disguised itself as a sheepherder and led its affiliates to slaughter in California and other states. All of this is not a nursery rhyme!

The Tipping Point!

A bill is ready for vote in the House of Representatives. Passage will unleash almost 10,000 revenue sucking parasites with an attack that will put piranha to shame.

images ugle flea dog Internet Sales Tax is Modern Day Chicken Little

This is a preventable disaster! For the past four years I have been a real life Chicken Little. If less than 1/10 of 1% of Internet users invested just a postage stamp and less than one half hour of their time, the snowball will disintegrate. At this moment the only living being responding to my alert is my dog. Even she is barking for me to shut up!

The danger is about to manifest itself into the first online infection of leprosy. Sores will break out everywhere in the community. My question,” Am I so ugly I effectively prevent my message getting a response?”

Watch the video again, please like it and enter your comment or contact information. I’ll forward the instructions about how to make a postage stamp return hundreds of millions of dollars to our online user community.


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